Shenzhen Neotek company limited

Established in 2016, Shenzhen Neotek company limited is a Hi-Tech Corporation conducting R&D, Manufacturing and Promotion of electric and electronic products both in China and around the world. Since set up, we have been focusing on the development of Hybrid OTT, Wireless Router, Type-C convertor, and other consumer electronic product, like Narrowband Radio Receiver, Bluetooth Speaker With Solar Charger, etc.

Always with quality in mind, we provide following service in a affordable cost to our customer:

1 Hybrid OTT

2 Wireless Router

3 Type-C convertor

4 PCB Design and Prototype Assembly

5 Development of Motion Control System

6 OEM Mass Production

We have an devoted R&D and production management team with profound experience in bringing up a product from concept to mass production.